Well, given that I’ve started a new, and very different, school this month, and given that it’s much farther away from home than my previous school, I’m pretty pleased that I’ve managed to keep on blogging. Below is what I’ve been thinking of late on MrHistoire.com. Look out for some much more controversial stuff (aside from posters, apparently) in October.

What really matters? 11th September A story about one of my new Y11 groups.

Tough love. 18th September Why do some dislike testing so much? I think it’s love. Sometimes tough, but love nonetheless.

Grey noise. 19th September During my NQT year my mum died. Here’s my attempt to explain something about those few months.

Posters are useful? You’ve missed the point. 20th September A response to those criticising David Didau’s piece on posters. I was subsequently misquoted by another, much more widely read, blogger in order to refute a point that I hadn’t made. Ah well.

Sir, what did Cameron actually do with that pig? 21st September A sort of joke piece which I nearly took down before the TES picked it up!

What can Namibia learn from playing New Zealand? 24th September So I was watching the rugby and I wrote this about appropriateness and struggle. I don’t think many people read it. 

How can we create meaningful conversations? 26th September I wrote about the danger of fetishising questioning before the summer. Here I (very thoroughly) attempt to examine the constituent parts of great history teaching, in particular, and how this might create fantastic conversations.