I’ve not written anything this last week given that it’s been half-term and, you know, I have other things to do with my life, like writing schemes of work and stuff (more on that in November). Here, though, is what I was thinking in Ocotber.

A poverty of understanding. 5th October I wrote this after a conversation with an NQT. What are observations for? What do we mean by evidence? Do universities all follow the latest research (spoiler: no)? I later found Plymouth University, where my girlfriend is studying for her PGCE (BA art, not schools), still talk about learning styles. Why, oh why?

Noise. 7th October Why do we make teaching so hard for ourselves and our students? We need our students to think hard, but in a clear and structured manner.

But what is challenge and how should teachers approach it? 11th October READ THIS TO FIND OUT!

Bringing it to life? 14th October What do people mean by this? Is it a meaningless phrase? What’s the deal behind ‘awe and wonder’? And how might we do this in the history classroom?

Some opinions are ridiculous. 18th October This was actually a response to some of the debate about language and disagreements that have been doing the rounds (again) on Twitter. It wasn’t read that way, but maybe it will be now?

I have a lot of assessment marking coming up over the next couple of weeks so it remains to be seen how much I’ll manage to write. Hopefully lots.