Stress/Teaching history by @MrHistoire

Name: Toby French
Twitter name: @MrHistoire

Sector: Secondary

Subject taught (if applicable): History

Position: Teacher/LP

What is your advice about? Stress

  1. If it’s not possible to do in the time you have in school then it isn’t possible to do – that is not your fault.
  2. Spend your evenings and weekends doing things you love with the people you love.
  3. Talk to your colleagues. Find out about their lives outside of school.
  4. Talk to your students. Find out about their lives outside of school.
  5. Smile. Spending all day with children is hilarious – enjoy it!

What is your advice about? Teaching History

  1. Don’t ever say ‘In the olden times …’ WHEN?
  2. Don’t ever say ‘They’. WHO?
  3. Answer all questions about the likelihood of WW3 with a nod towards your ‘What I think will happen if there’s a WW3’ laminated A3 poster.
  4. Do use historical examples as analogies. That means reading lots of history.
  5. Do admit if you don’t know. They’ll remember that lie all the way to their exams.

Originally published at Starter for Five.