Busy January. Cold, dark mornings. Snotty children. Snotty teachers. Blue Monday.

It might be a little quieter around here soon as I have another, very exciting, project which requires my full attention. I’ll let you know more in the near future.

Boredom. 1st January This was one of many responses to a piece from Ross Morrison-McGill regarding the progressive-traditionalist debate.

Student voice? 8th January Some pretty pictures which summarise my thoughts on student voice.

Knowing what and knowing how. 10th January With so much focus on exam technique, past papers and command phrases, do we forget sometimes – if not often – about the knowledge? Do we sacrifice the what for the how?

Being active. 11th January The word I loathe most is proactive. You mean active? Yuk. 

Um, do I teach you? 15th January One of many stories I could tell about normal conversations with children. It’s really fun, so read it.

Billy. 24th January By the end of his time in Y11, Billy was a model of hard work and a love of history. But he wasn’t always like this.

What are the best jobs? 25th January When we talk about our children’s futures, do we really have their best interests at heart, or do we instead focus on their economic worth? A recent report suggests we should consider the former.