Assess the validity of this claim:

The debate over traditional versus progressive methods is of no consequence to teachers as most do not know it even exists.

Shall we try another? 

The debate over homeopathic medicine versus evidence-based medicine is of no consequence to patients as most do not even know it exists.

What about this one?

The debate over phlogiston versus oxygen is of no consequence to carbon-based life forms as most do not give a damn about the names given to either scientific theories or chemical elements, and nor do they believe this affects their ability to survive on the planet Earth.

The latter two examples are made up, but all three are stupid.

If teachers do not know about a debate which is at the very heart of both their practice and ideology then it does not follow that this debate is pointless. Quite the opposite, in fact! Since when do we ignore or deny a debate exists because some people don’t know about it? It’s almost as bad as calling that debate ‘boring‘.