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What – apart from voting, of course – are you up to this Thursday? And then Friday? Anything special? You’re probably teaching, which is great. But, if you happen to be at Wellington College then you could do worse than try to find me, if for no other reason than to find out if I really am as wild and raffish as my photo on the website suggests.

On Thursday I am honoured – genuinely – to be speaking alongside Martin Robinson, Laura McInerney, Jane Manzone and Stuart Lock in a session entitled Dewey’s dream: has progressive education failed? I really am quite excited, mainly because I hope to get Martin to sign my copy of Trivium 21c. You can catch us at 2:30pm in Waterloo Hall. I’ll try very hard to not swear.

On Friday I’m all alone, so why not lend me some company in the Concert Room at 10:30am for my session on questioning? I’ll be talking through all aspects of questions we might ask in education: in the classroom and why we’re so attached to what is often a performance for observers; of our students, and whether we might be shooting ourselves in the feet; of our managers, those we manage and ourselves, and what we should really be asking. This might just be controversial, so if nothing else come along to either get very annoyed or unnecessarily delighted that someone else agrees with you for once.

Also, if you’re thinking Well this all sounds very good but I’ll have to look at the programme to find out if there’s anything else on at the same time that’s better, then don’t worry: I’ve had a look and you might as well come along to see me.

If you really think that Greg Ashman or Summer Turner are more exciting (and I’lll be disappointed to not catch them) then fear not – other options are available!

Firstly, you can read about my presentation at Torquay Academy’s inaugural Teach Meet on Monday 13th June here. Given that our staff had just been told that Ofsted were on their merry way to us the next day (no, I’m not allowed to say how we got on – yet) the evening was a real success, despite many of our own understandably retreating to their rooms for preparation. Denise Smith did an awesome job under what had, since 3pm, become quite frantic circumstances, especially given it was her first ever Teach Meet.

Secondly, I will write up everything I speak about on both days. You can find out a little bit about my thoughts on the Friday session by reading this or watching this, from Teach Meet Devon last summer.

Thirdly, I’ll be speaking again at this year’s Teach Meet Devon, organised by the endlessly-energetic Gary King on the 30th June. I’m sure there’ll be a stream to brighten up your Thursday evening.

See you there!