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I wanted to thank you for reading anything at all I’ve had to say this academic year. My glorious assistant, Samantha, has crunched all the numbers and aggregated the scores to come up with the top five blogs I’ve posted since September 2015.* If you’re at all interested in what my favourite blogs were (usually those which no-one reads) then I’ll upload them soon.

5. Questions are shit. This is the write-up from my talk at the 2016 Festival of Education. It’s a theme I’ve touched on a few times now and not one which necessarily goes down well. Having said that, we really must always be aware that saying something everyone agrees with might not necessarily be saying anything of worth at all.

4. How do we create meaningful conversations? Here’s another write-up, this time from Pedagoo Plymouth. It’s also, weirdly, about not using questions. Maybe being anti-question is my ‘thing’.

3. You don’t think it’s a good idea to talk to children? This is about a ridiculous classroom ‘technique’ that rests upon the absurd assumption that talking to the whole class is a bad idea.

2. Wasting time. Because teachers do this. All the time.

1. Whole-class marking. It isn’t really a surprise that this is the big-one, the main event. I sometimes think about putting ‘marking’ in to every blog title, just for the hits, y’know? Just for the lolz. Actually, I’m speaking about this at TLT16, but it’s too late to sign up now so tough luck. You’d better read this instead.

Other pre-September 2015 blogs are available.