And another thing …

Don’t be that person who lets children walk past you with shirts untucked. Just don’t. 

It isn’t not worth your time.

It isn’t someone else’s problem.

You don’t score points for not being the difficult, less hassly, more easy-going teacher.

You won’t make your own life easier because you won’t have to write up the subsequent defiance.

No: letting children not wear their uniform – whether you agree with it or not – lets everybody else down. 

It is worth your time because t is part of your time – it’s part of the job.

It is your problem because it shows weakness, both personally and in terms of the team.

The vast majority of children don’t like you more if you’re easy-going on uniform. Because you know what? You’re not meant to be cool. And school shirts look dreadful untucked anyway, so even if you’re trying to be cool you’re genuinely not.

Model excellence and have high expectations.