Such are the size of the classes, and such are the number of classes, that it appears every single Y9 has opted for GCSE History. This isn’t the case, but now that I type I wonder if it actually might be ..? I dunno –  there are a lot of them. I have two classes, my colleague has three, in a year of 150-odd. And you know that year group which everyone thinks is, y’know, the more challenging one? Yeah.

So, carrying on from last year we’ve been talking a lot. And reading. Talking and reading more than ever before. 

Guess what happens each time I talk more? Guess what happens every time they they read more? No, they don’t lose interest. No, they don’t start to piss about. No, they don’t look at their phones, the clock or the glorious, bright outdoors.

Nope. They become more interested. That’s right! It’s wonderful. The questions they’re asking! The links they’re making! The amount they’ve remembered from Y8 when I hammered memorisation and testing and introduced knowledge organisers!

Been told to stop talking? Nonsense. Know your subject and talk about it like you love it. Because you do.