As those of you who follow this blog closely will know, I am a big fan of treating our students as stakeholders in what is, really, a rat race to the top of the socio-economic pile. As such, any attempt to reach out and engage further with our partners using what I’ve come to term Consumer Friendly Pedagogy is fine by me. In fact, it’s to be promoted. I want an unashamed corporate attitude towards our young customers.

And so it is with great pleasure that I present to you extracts from a consumer questionnaire taken by stakeholders in a school in the north of England. In this exercise, stakeholders were requested to pick six of the following statements which best described their requirements. Their Content Facilitators then addressed these requirements in a personal capacity, thus individually planning all learning centrally before disseminating the CFP at consumer friendly, correlative pace.

All options are given in their original, consumer friendly language.

  • Use less textbooks in lesson
  • Show me power points with more instructions on them
  • Only ask me if I put my hand up
  • Sound like you care about my progress
  • Have a friendly manner
  • Grade my work
  • Ask me questions during the lesson to check that I understand
  • Make jokes about football or pop culture

Finally, the questionnaire asks stakeholders if there is any other strategy that will help improve their learning. Blue-sky thinking is encouraged.

I, for one, believe this innovative, informative and creative approach to internal marketing and outreach will improve customer relations.