Here’s a thought experiment for you: we don’t make lions sit at desks, yet they – like us – have legs and brains and toes. With this being the undeniable case, why do we, then, ask children to? This little thunk has got me thinking!

Here’s a second: lions come in all shapes and sizes, like us, yet they are allowed – nay, encouraged! – to freely hunt the baked veldt for wildebeest. At what point do we allow children to hunt for learning?

Taking on advice from other practitioners, I’ve decided to leave my comfort zone and allow these hunts to take place in my classroom. As part of my reconstructed classroom, which I’ve decided to call ‘Africa’, children can visit one of five ‘feeding zones’: The Veldt, Okavango Delta, Circle of Life, Elephant’s Graveyard or the Savannah Section. Each is purpose built to allow children the choice of how they ‘feed’ in my classroom to best prepare them for C21 learning.


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These zones were the foundation for my new classroom with the whole principle being encompassed by pupil choice. Yes, they may be children, but really they’re little animals who need to be set free. They know how they work best. Giving them this sense of responsibility for their own learning unleashes a new, animalistic mindset for them.

Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? After all, they drink it in the jungle!