So I found myself in a little bother recently over a post I wrote about Peanut Toast, the in-some-circles much heralded, whilst in others much derided, new foodstuff from the eponymously named Peanut Toast Co. I’ve since deleted the post due to the aggravation it caused, but I’d like to review it below.

There have been a fair few discussions about Peanut Toast on Twitter, with both criticism and praise heaped upon the product and company. One, admittedly less than catchy, advert in particular stirred the hornet’s nest:

“Peanut Toast is a healthier alternative to other toast. We need a breakfast revolution. Join us!”

A few bloggers, and one in particular, took issue with the Toast.

“I won’t name the company or product, but there is a new breakfast out there – yes, that one – which claims its toast, made largely from peanuts, is better than other breakfasts. But have they, I wonder, thought about those for whom peanuts cause anaphylaxis? Toast made from peanuts is not the best breakfast.”

Naturally, I was sceptical, and wanted to know more. When I asked the makers of Peanut Toast (the only peanut-based toast on the market), the Peanut Toast Co., about their Peanut Toast, they said that whilst they don’t claim to have all the answers, they believe their peanut-based Peanut Toast breakfast to be a better breakfast than other breakfasts, especially regular, non-peanut toast. I just had to find out more.

I visited Peanut Toast Co. in London last week and was, to be fair, astonished at the standard of breakfast toasts provided, especially Peanut Toast. And I blogged about it. I happened to mention the name of one of the critics of Peanut Toast, stating that the aversion to Peanut Toast was a real shame, and that, frankly, I believe them to be wrong.

From that blogger, and peanut-critic, I received the following comment on my blog:

“I have never criticised the Peanut Toast Co., or any of its products, especially Peanut Toast. To claim otherwise is defamation. Please contact me with your details so I can begin legal proceedings against you.”

Understandably concerned, I have since deleted the blog. I am not, however, worried about the threat of a court case. No, rather I would like the aggravation to disappear as the level of opprobrium levelled at me has been rather shocking.

I will, however, stand by my praise for Peanut Toast and the Peanut Toast Co., who I feel are producing superb breakfast toasts.