Wow. Only £2 for a Final Solution word search. Could it be true? Yes. After a quick, soul-destroying word search search I found these bad boys.

At last, a Bin Laden word search!

Who wouldn’t want to start their Topical Tuesdays tutorial activity with a Syrian Civil War word search?

What I particularly like about this one is the image of the Klan member at the top. In my best Homer Simpson drool-voice: Mmmm, appropriate.

Clearly this is the Bin Laden extension activity.

This is, as the author states, ‘designed for the new AQA A level’. A level. FFS.

“Oh look, there’s Anne Frank, from that film we watched with the girl from Game of Thrones in it. And the guy from Taken!’

Why read Miller when you can take this mighty test?

Seriously. It’s not okay to sell resources. And it’s certainly not okay to sell these.