I am more and more writing for people other than myself. Below are a few examples, along with presentations at conferences and teach meets. Beware: some of what I once thought is now obsolete!


Destroy Homework! on, 2014

‘Sir, what did David Cameron actually do with that pig?’ on, 2015

‘Killer Questions’, Hands Up: Questions to ignite thinking in the classroom, Stephen Lockyer, CreateSpace, 2015

‘Reaping what we sow: why great behaviour should not mean more work’, Managing Teacher Workload, ed. Nansi Ellis, John Catt Educational, 2016

Top Ten History Books for A-level Students for Parents and Teachers for Excellence, 2016

Four key principles that would transform children’s education for Parents and Teachers for Excellence, in the Western Morning News, 2016.

Too much teacher talk gets in the way of student learning, right? Wrong, Teach Secondary, 2016.

Show and Tell: One Year in a Secondary School, Toby French, John Catt Educational, (forthcoming)


High Challenge, Low Threat: Finding the balance, Mary Myatt, John Catt Educational, 2016

Ticked off: Checklists for teachers, students, school leaders, Harry Fletcher-Wood, Crown House Publishing, 2016


The Art of Silent Debate at #TMExeter 2014

Destroy Homework! at #TMNorthDevon 2014

#1smallthing at Okehampton College 2015

#1smallthing at #TMNorthDevon 2015

Statements vs. Questions at #TMDevon 2015

How do we create meaningful conversations? (Or why questioning might be a bad idea) at #PedagooPlymouth 2015

Questions are shit at The Telegraph Festival of Education 2016

Testing isn’t evil at #TMDevon 2016

Marking is not the same as feedback at Teaching and Learning Takeover 2016